Certificate ISO 9001

Pesonal contact

Director General
Gorokhov Mikhail Vasilevich

phone: +7 (342) 214-75-75

Competence: organizational, strategic issues

Deputy Director General
Salimova Anna Vladimirovna

phone: +7 (342) 213-55-02

Competence: financial and economic, legal issues, formation of commercial offers, conclusion of contracts for product supply, metrological and technical services

Chief Engineer
Sedlerov Alexey Nikolaevich

phone: +7 (342) 214-75-75

Competence: production and technological issues, PCB ordering, machining and painting services; metrology and maintenance

Deputy Chief Engineer for Warranty and Post-Warranty Services
Shchegolev Alexander Vasilevich

phone: +7 (342) 214-75-75 (ext.130), +7 922 38 05 251

Competence: warranty and post warranty service issues

Development Director
Klochkov Artem Vladimirovich

phone: +7 (342) 214-75-75, +7 922 24 24 999

Competence: technical issues related to company's products, cooperation offers, dealer network development; purchase of the company's products and provision of services

Chief Designer
Bardin Alexander Anatolievich

phone: +7 (342) 214-75-75, +7 922 30 29 933

Competence: issues concerning the products, future developments, and technical documentation

Head of ACSMS Department
Yeremin Igor Vyacheslavovich

phone: +7 (342) 214-75-75

Competence: ACSMS issues

Director for Economics and Finance
Medvedeva Maria Sergeevna

phone: +7 (342) 214-75-75 (ext.103)

Competence: financial and economic, legal issues

Chief Operating Officer / Director of the Trading House "TIK"
Kuliev Nikolay Romanovich

phone: +7 (342) 213-50-00

Competence: issues on supply of equipment for product quality control, incoming control; supply of ZKL bearings

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