RPE "TIK" at the "Oil. Gas. Chemistry. Ecology 2019" exhibition (Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia)

Sixteenth All-Russian Specialized Exhibition "Oil. Gas. Chemistry. Ecology 2019" including oil, gas and petrochemical industries international participation took place on February 13-15 in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia.

"Neural network" principles-based artificial intelligence software module, the latest enterprise development in the vibration diagnostics field, has been presented at RPE "TIK" at the "Oil. Gas. Chemistry. Ecology 2019" exhibition. The current module will be included in the vibration diagnostics software package, used in TIK-RVM advanced vibration monitoring systems.

Other company’s products, including TIK-ZSK pumping unit’s accident prevention system (new product 2018), SVK-A rolling bearings entrance control stand, TIK-VV explosion-proof vibrostand, TIK-BIS safety barriers and TIK-PLC controllers as well as absolute and relative vibration sensors have been demonstrated as well.

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