DVA sensor cable cutting tool kit

DVA sensor cable cutting tool kit

The kit is designed for cutting (shortening) the cable Kaweflex 3333 sk-c-pur 3x02.25 for DVA sensors.

The tools are conveniently located in special sections of the case, which provides quick access and reliable storage.

Important! Before starting work, you must fully familiarize yourself with the operating instructions. LLC NPP "TIK" is not responsible for possible injuries received in the process of cutting the cable. Failure to comply with the requirements and the sequence of instructions, as well as the use of tools not approved by LLC RPE "TIK", entails the cancellation of the quality guarantee for the shortened sensor.

Textual cable management instructions for DVA sensors

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  • Tools
    Ruler - 1 pc.
    Side cutting pliers for wires - 1 pc.
    Stripper (wire stripper) - 1 pc.
    Industrial hair dryer - 1 pc.
    Stripper (cable stripper) - 1 pc.
    Crimping pliers for tips - 1 pc.
    Marker - 1 pc.
    Tweezers - 1 pc.
    File - 1 pc.
  • Materials
    Tube FD4, white, L = 120 mm - 1 pc.
    Cable lug (blue) - 1 pc.
    Cable lug (gray) - 1 pc.
    Thin-walled heat-shrinkable tube ETW-803 6/2, black, L = 40 mm - 1 pc.
    Labeling tags - 4 pcs.
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