TIK-SVK laboratory of rolling bearing diagnostics

Three diagnostic methods are implemented in the software of the SVK-A stand. One of them – assessment of vibration levels in frequency bands - is implemented in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents. Two other methods – estimation of vibration acceleration signal kurtosis and analysis of vibration acceleration signal envelope spectrum – are recommended and are based on long-term statistical developments in the field of vibration diagnostics and mathematical modeling. 

Diagnosis of bearings only by the level of vibration in the three frequency bands often leads to the omission of defects, which, being at an early stage of development, do not have a significant impact on the level of vibration. The use of the same assessment of the quality of the bearing on the spectrum of the envelope and the kurtosis signal allows to identify emerging defects and, despite the lack of legal norms, gives reason to the consumer to doubt the proper quality of the bearing.

The program has the ability to select from an existing bearing base the appropriate brand or add a new one, specifying the geometric dimensions of the bearing, its type, radial clearance group and some other parameters. 

Before starting work, the program automatically sets the required speed, axial and radial load for the selected bearing type. These values are displayed in the start menu and are controlled by the corresponding check boxes. Special handles create the necessary axial and radial load. When the specified values are reached, the check boxes turn green. The speed is set automatically when the drive is started. It remains to press "start" and observe the progress of measurements.

After saving of the measurements, the analysis of the measured signals and automatically generate a report on the condition of the bearing. In this case, the diagnostician has the opportunity to view the spectra for self-assessment. According to the results of the study, a report is printed in MS Word, which can be used as a document confirming the results of the diagnosis.

The SVK-A stand is certified and registered in the state register of measuring instruments, the software and methodical providing for diagnostics of defect and an assessment of technical condition is developed in full compliance with requirements of the existing normative and technical documents:

  • GOST R 52545.1-2006 (ISO 15242-1:2004);
  • RD VNIPP.038-08 rate of vibration.

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