Certificate ISO 9001

Device for measuring radial clearance of bearings

The device comprises a steel base with support ribs, on which, with the help of a interchangeable clip and a bolt, the checked bearing is fixed. Radial clearance is measured using an indicator (watch type or digital) located on a movable holder.

Appearance of a device for measuring the radial clearance of bearings with interchangeable modesStandard sizes of interchangeable clips of the device for measuring the radial clearance of bearings

When measuring the radial clearance, the tip of the indicator is brought to the outer surface of the outer ring of the bearing. By shifting the outer race of the bearing in the direction of the axis of the indicator in the forward and reverse direction, the maximum and minimum readings are determined. Radial clearance is defined as the difference between the maximum and minimum indicator readings.

To compensate for the possible non-circularity of the outer and inner rings of the bearing, the procedure is repeated several times in different angular positions.

Measurement of radial clearance is carried out by method "A", in accordance with GOST 520-2011.

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