Certificate ISO 9001

Sensors with digital output DVA484.1XX

Sensors with digital output DVA484.1XX

Designed to measure vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, vibration displacement* in three coordinates, as well as angles of inclination and temperature;

*The vibration acceleration signal, passing through the mathematical processing block, is converted into vibration velocity and vibration displacement signals. For each of the parameters it is also possible to calculate the amplitude, mean square value and span.

In the sealed case there are integrated microelectromechanical acceleration sensor and conversion board;

Output signal type - RS-485 (Modbus RTU)


  • All calculations are performed in real time, with an update interval of 10ms registers;
  • Measurement error of vibration parameters is not more than 5% in the main frequency range;
  • Additional error of not more than 2.5%;
  • Built-in temperature sensor allows you to control the temperature with an accuracy of ±2 °C;
  • Determination of the angles of inclination of each axis with an accuracy of 1°.

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Metrological parameters

  • Dynamic acceleration range, m/s2
    not more than 400
  • Range of measurement of the amplitude value of vibration acceleration, m/s2
  • Range of readings of the amplitude value of vibration acceleration, m/s2
  • Operating frequency range, Hz
    2-10 000
    3-10 000
    5-10 000
    10-10 000
  • Electrical resistance of insulation between the vibration converter circuit and the shell, MOhm, not less than
    40 (for 0Ex ia IIC T5...T6 Ga X)
    1 (for PO Ex ia I Ma X)


  • Output signal type
  • Supply voltage range, V
  • Protocol
    Modbus RTU
  • Speed of the interface RS-485
    3 Mbit/s

Explosion protection

  • Kind
    intrinsically safe electrical circuit
  • Marking
    0Ex ia IIC T5...T6 Ga X / PO Ex ia I Ma X (DVA484.104, DVA484.164)
    0Ex ia IIC T5...T6 Ga X (DVA484.132)
  • Connection
    through TIK-PLC 481 controller

Design parameters

  • Version
    all-in-one cable connection (DVA484.104)
    cable with connector 2PM (DVA484.132)
    HIROSE connector on cable (DVA484.164)
  • Overall dimensions, mm
  • Weight, kg, not more than
  • Mounting type
    screw M4x21 (M4x28) 3 PCs, magnet
  • Protection class
    IP65 / IP68 (DVA484.104, DVA484.164)
    IP65 (DVA484.132)

Operating parameters

  • Operating temperature range, ºС
    -40...+80 (climatic version H, for 0Ex ia IIC T5...T6 Ga X)
    -60...+80 (climatic version X, for 0Ex ia IIC T5...T6 Ga X)
    -40...+80 (for PO Ex ia I Ma X)

Reliability parameters and manufacturer's guarantees

  • Mean time between failures, hours, not less than
    40 000
  • Warranty service life, months
  • Service life, years, not less than
  • Time between verifications
    2 years

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