Certificate ISO 9001

IKV-1-3-1 vibration measuring channel multipurpose version

IKV-1-3-1 vibration measuring channel multipurpose version

Designed for measuring the range of vibration displacement, rotation frequency, axial displacement and detection of the mark in vibration monitoring systems of rotary machines;

Consists of DS-1 (DS-2, DS-3) eddy-current transducer and AV131-V converter (in the measuring module);

Output signal type – 4..20 mA*, 0...10 V;

*with support for digital data transmission, Modbus RTU protocol


Measurement parameters

  • Range of measurement of vibration displacements, μm
    0-250 (eddy-current transducer DS-1)
    0-500 (eddy-current transducer DS-2)
    0-800 (eddy-current transducer DS-3)
  • Range of measurement of a gap, mm
    0.25-2.75 (eddy-current transducer DS-1)
    0.5-5.5 (eddy-current transducer DS-2)
    5.5-9.5(1.0-9.0) (eddy-current transducer DS-3)
  • Range of measurement of speed, rpm
  • Measurement cycle time, μs
  • Permissible deviation of rotation frequency,%
  • Accuracy of gap measurement, μm
    ±50 (eddy-current transducer DS-1)
    ±100 (eddy-current transducer DS-2)
    ±300 (eddy-current transducer DS-3)
  • Installation clearance (default), mm
    1.5±0.2 (eddy-current transducer DS-1)
    3±0.2 (eddy-current transducer DS-2)
    7.5(5)±0.2 (eddy-current transducer DS-3)


  • Output signal type
    "current loop" 4...20 mA
    "by voltage" 0...10 V
  • Supply voltage range, V
    24 (12-30)
  • Protocol
    Modbus RTU
  • Graphic OLED display resolution, pixels

Explosion protection

  • Kind
    intrinsically safe circuit
  • Marking
    0Ex ia IIC T6...T1 Ga X (eddy-current transducer DS-x)

Design parameters

  • Version
    IKV-1-3-1 type E (eddy-current transducer DS-x type 00 (without connector),
    or type 01 (2PM connector on the cable), AV131-V converter, measuring module)
  • Overall dimensions, mm
    D(8,5) L(50; 70; 90) (eddy-current transducer DS-1)
    D(14,5) L(50; 70; 90) (eddy-current transducer DS-2)
    D(22,5) L(50; 70; 90) (eddy-current transducer DS-3)
    105x22.5x67 (AV131-V converter)
    277x217x84 (measuring module)
  • Weight, kg, not more than
    0.35 (eddy-current transducer DS-1)
    0.4 (eddy-current transducer DS-2)
    0.5 (eddy-current transducer DS-3)
    0.2 (AV131-V converter)
    2.5 (measuring module)
  • Mounting type
    threaded hole M10x1 (eddy-current transducer DS-1)
    threaded hole M16x1 (eddy-current transducer DS-2)
    threaded hole M24x1 (eddy-current transducer DS-3)
  • Protection class
    IP65/IP68 (eddy-current transducer DS-x)
    IP66 (measuring module)

Operating parameters

  • Operating temperature range, ºС
    -60...+125 (eddy-current transducer DS-x)
    -40...+60 (AV131-V converter)

Reliability parameters and manufacturer's guarantees

  • MTBF, hours, not less than
    12 000
  • Warranty service life, months
  • Service life, years, not less than
  • Installed device life, hours, not less than
    80 000
  • Time between verifications
    1 year
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