TIK-PION vibrometer

Key features of the software "TIK-Expert PION":

  • Creation of a vibration measurement route and its recording on TIK-PION;
  • Import of collected samples from the TIK-PION device and their storage in the database;
  • Visual representation of the sample data in the form of graphs with the possibility of processing and diagnosing them by various parameters;
  • Display of trends and histograms that allow you to track the dynamics of the defect development;
  • Assistance in identifying defects based on the sampling spectrum - showing harmonics; display of characteristic frequencies; calculation of parameters (RMS, turnover frequency); octave, half-octave and one-third octave analysis; the ability to compare different samples of the aggregate and different sample channels;
  • Convenient report form as a file with the * .xlsx extension;
  • Quick view of samples recorded by the TIK-PION device.
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