TIK-BIS.5X7.1002 safety barriers

TIK-BIS.5X7.1002 safety barriers

Designed for the organization of explosion protection of the current loop interface, current measurement and transmission of the obtained value through the RS-485 interface;

The barrier provide long-term protection against short circuits of intrinsically safe circuits (automatically removed after eliminating the short circuit).

An external 24V±5% power supply is required for the operation of the barriers.

  • single (TIK-BIS.517.1002) / two-channel (TIK-BIS.527.1002) active barrier without galvanic isolation;
  • OLED indicator to display the parameters of the barrier (TIK-BIS.517.1002);
  • two two-digit seven-segment LED indicators (TIK-BIS.527.1002);
  • LED indicator to indicate channel status (TIK-BIS.517.1002);
  • HART (TWD) "transparent";
  • conversion error 0.3% / measurement error 0.5%;
  • intrinsically safe power line (TIK-BIS.527.1002);
  • can be used in conjunction with DVAXX1.X sensors;
  • certified as measuring instruments.

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  • Input signal type
    "current loop" 4-20 mA
    digital TWD (internal protocol for digital
    signal transmission over the current loop)
  • Output signal type
    "current loop" 4-20 mA
    digital RS-485 (control of the barrier and obtaining
    the current value in digital form)
  • Supply voltage range, V

Explosion protection

  • Kind
    intrinsically safe circuit
  • Marking
    [Ex ib Gb] IIC

Design parameters

  • Version
    TIK-BIS.517.1002 (1 channel, active barrier, no SPD, no galvanic isolation, [Ex ib Gb] II C)
    TIK-BIS.527.1002 (2 channels, active barrier, no SPD, no galvanic isolation, [Ex ib Gb] II C)
  • Overall dimensions, mm
    108х114х13 (TIK-BIS.517.1002)
    118.5х114х23 (TIK-BIS.527.1002)
  • Weight, kg, not more than
  • Mounting type
    on DIN-rail
  • Protection class

Operating parameters

  • Operating temperature range, ºС

Reliability parameters and manufacturer's guarantees

  • MTBF, hours, not less than
    150 000
  • Warranty service life, months
  • Service life, years, not less than
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