Rotary machine model

Rotary machine model can be supplied with stationary diagnostics equipment (based on the TIK-RVM extended vibration monitoring system).
TIK-RVM - is a distributed three-level system consisting of three levels:
1) First level. At this level, the sensors of vibration acceleration; RMS vibration velocity; axial shear; temperature are used;
2) Second level. High-performance programmable controllers are used as a basic element;
3) Third level. An expert system for equipment diagnostics is used.

The main functions of the TIK-RVM extended vibration monitoring system include:

  • automatic measurement and control of equipment vibration parameters;
  • calculation of signal's spectral characteristics;
  • drawing up the obtained information in tabular and graphical form, convenient for the user;
  • storage of information in non-volatile memory;
  • diagnostics of the equipment with indication of faulty assemblies and kind of malfunction;
  • flexible setup of system and measuring channels' parameters.

Basic technical information

The model consists of a rigid metal frame with frequency converter Toshiba VFnC3, motor AIR71V4 U2 IM1081 (power 0.75 kW, speed 1500 rpm), drive shaft, operating shaft on two bearing supports (rolling bearings ZKL 6206), generator 111689, generator load circuit, control cabinet fixed on it. Two discs with 4.5 mm diameter holes are mounted on the operating shaft every 10 degrees of its outer diameter for disbalancing/balancing. The model metal frame has vibration supports. When vibration supports are removed, the model can be rigidly attached to the workbench or foundation. The set includes a block (cabinet) of load resistors. The motor shaft is connected to the drive shaft through an elastic coupling. Bearing supports of the drive and operating shafts have 12 mm deep holes located at distance of 120 degrees on a circumference with diameter of 30.6 mm for stationary installation of vibration sensors in horizontal and vertical directions. Vibration sensors can be quickly mounted on bearing supports by means of a magnet. The electric motor has platforms for mounting the vibration sensors. Both shaft bearing supports can change their position horizontally and vertically by means of angular and/or shear alignment mechanism. Operating shaft is connected to the generator by belt transmission.

Rotary machine model

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