TIK-SVN flood detector with environmental detection functionality

TIK-SVN flood detector with environmental detection functionality

Designed to control the presence of water or oil, as well as their levels in the wells of oil pipelines;

The device consists of a TIK-SVN control unit, a connection box and an alarm unit - the control unit and connection box are located in the well (hazardous area); connection box is used as an intermediate link between the control unit and the alarm unit; the alarm unit is located outside the hazardous area;

The principle of operation of the device is that the control unit has 48 levels, on which pairs of electrodes are located, which are switched on alternately and measure the capacitance of the medium between them. By comparing the results of measurements at different levels, the device is able to draw a conclusion about the type of medium at each of the levels - air, water or oil;

Depending on the depth of the well, one to four control units can be placed.


Parameters of discrete outputs of “dry contact” type

  • Maximum switching AC current, A
  • Maximum switching DC voltage, V
  • Maximum switching AC voltage, V


  • Output signal type
    three relay outputs
    (2 "NO" / 1 "NC")
  • Supply voltage range, V
  • Interface
    RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Power consumption, W, not more

Explosion protection

  • Kind
    intrinsically safe circuit
  • Marking
    1Ex ib IIС T5 Gb X (control unit)
    [Ex ib Gb] IIС (alarm unit)

Design parameters

  • Overall dimensions, mm
    500x125x21 (control unit)
    112x195 (connection box, for the one control unit)
    96x71x58 (alarm unit)
  • Weight, kg, not more than
    3.0 (control unit)
    2.0 (connection box)
    0.2 (alarm unit)
  • Mounting type
    magnet (control unit)
  • Protection class
    IP65/IP68 (control unit)
    IP65/IP67 (connection box)
    IP20 (alarm unit)

Operating parameters

  • Operating temperature range, ºС

Reliability parameters and manufacturer's guarantees

  • MTBF, hours, not less than
    15 000
  • Warranty service life, months
  • Service life, years, not less than
Service center