TIK-VV explosion protection shaker

Software package ARM of the TIK-VV shaker

The use of the software package "ARM of the TIK-VV shaker" extends the functions of the shaker.

This package allows you to remotely control the stand from a PC, generate and load templates for automatic verification of vibration sensors into the shaker memory, read the results of verification and generate verification protocols.

The software "ARM of the TIK-VV shaker" offers many opportunities to control the vibrator in arbitrary (manual), and in the functional mode.

Functional control is a powerful tool of the program "ARM of the TIK-VV shaker", which allows not only to automatically control the device using a computer, but also to program it to the mode of autonomous operation according to a predetermined algorithm (pattern). The functional control mode in the "ARM of the TIK-VV shaker" allows you to automatically control the output parameters (amplitude, frequency, time) of the vibrator according to the law specified by the table editor. It is possible to carry out calibration of devices according to pre-created and saved templates. The software "ARM of the TIK-VV shaker" allows you to read data from the device for further processing or printing the calibration Protocol.

The "ARM of the TIK-VV shaker" software can be downloaded optionally.

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