Certificate ISO 9001

TIK-WSV vibration sensor

TIK-WSV vibration sensor New product

Designed to measure the root mean square value (RMS) of vibration velocity and vibration acceleration along two axes and transmit a signal to a base station wirelessly;

Consist of a sealed enclosure in which there is an integrated acceleration sensor and conversion board;

For installation on the unit, the standard stud M6 / M8 / M10 / M12 (M8x1 / M10x1.25 / M12x1) is used; for the special order it is possible to supply the studs with any thread, including inch;

Output signal type - digital (LoRaWan standard)

  • High range radio communications - up to 2 km (in dense buildings) and up to 15 km (subject to direct visibility);
  • Customizable data transfer interval; extraordinary data transmission mode when the threshold level of the measured vibration is exceeded.

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Metrological parameters

  • Conversion coefficient, mA*s/mm / Range of indications of RMS vibration velocity, mm/s
    0.16 / 0-100
  • Operating frequency range, Hz


  • Output signal type
    digital (LoRaWan standard)
  • Supply
    battery life up to 10 years
    (depending on conditions)
  • Device class
    A (according to LoRaWan classification)
  • Number of packets sent by the device, not less
    50 000

Explosion protection

  • Kind
    intrinsically safe circuit
  • Marking
    0Ex ia IIC T5...T6 Ga

Design parameters

  • Overall dimensions, mm
  • Weight, kg, not more than
  • Mounting type
    stud M6/M8/M10/M12
  • Protection class

Operating parameters

  • Operating temperature range, ºС
    -40...+80 (climatic version H)
    -60...+80 (climatic version X)

Reliability parameters and manufacturer's guarantees

  • Mean time between failures, hours, not less than
    40 000
  • Warranty service life, months
  • Service life, years, not less than
  • Time between verifications
    2 years
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