Low-voltage equipment

Research and production enterprise "TIK" develops and manufactures devices and systems for monitoring, diagnostics and emergency protection of industrial equipment according to vibration parameters, and also designs, manufactures and implements low-voltage complete devices for automatic process control systems, telemechanics and power distribution.

RPE TIK, Low voltage equipment

As part of this specialization, the company works in the following areas:

All products undergo triple control - input, operational, output. The production uses conductive products made exclusively according to GOST. Electrical circuits are checked for compliance with design documentation. Specialists of the enterprise always coordinate their technical solution with the customer, so you always get a convenient disconnection and operation of products. The high quality of assembly of assembly units is due to the use of specialized equipment for installation. The marking is protected from ultraviolet rays, temperature changes and solvents. All equipment shells are carefully checked for damage to the anti-corrosion coating, which guarantees the customer long-term operation. All manufactured products fully comply with regulatory documentation.

Low-voltage complete devices (LWCD) of process control systems and telemechanics

RPE TIK, LWCD of process control systems and telemechanics

Energy distribution cabinets

RPE TIK, Energy distribution cabinets

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