• Before the introduction of the SVK-A stand
    the proportion of poor-quality bearings
    procured by the enterprise
    can reach 90%
  • At 8 out of 10 compressor stations
    of the "Ukhta – Torzhok" gas pipeline
    are being operated by the vibration control system of the RPE "TIK" production
  • Every day in the world
    on the SVK-A stands checked
    an average of 6000 bearings
  • Every year, employees of the RPE "TIK" service center pass a distance equal
    to five equators
  • On average 16 vibration monitoring sensors
    of the "TIK" brand are purchased daily

  • For 3 summer months in the RPE "TIK"
    laboratory of diagnostics 2 KAMAZ of
    bearings were tested
  • Every product of the "TIK" brand
    takes place in the test Department
    72-hour technology training
  • More than 10 000 vibration and
    displacement sensors of the “TIK” brand
    are operated at the objects of Transneft

  • Vibration control devices
    installed at “Lukoil-PNOS” in 1994
    are still in operation today
  • For the first 3 quarters of 2013 RPE "TIK"
    received 76 orders for the stand of
    input control of rolling bearings SVK-A
  • Every working day the website
    of the “TIK”company is visited
    by about 120 people
  • RPE "TIK" production is operated 
    in 186 cities of Russia


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