Devices and systems plant

The company structure includes Device and system plant having machinery for the full production cycle – from the workpieces to production of finished goods. 

The machine park includes more than 30 pieces of equipment. The premachining section includes two band saws for production of blanks from pipes and rolled goods, guillotine scissors for cutting the sheet material, electric discharge cutting unit. At the lathe section, there are two CNC lathes with automatic part feeding, six universal lathes capable to machine the parts with diameter of up to 200 mm, as well as a turret machining center with a drive tool for 12 toolholders in the turret.


The metal milling section is equipped with DTC-300 machine with a 12-tool turret head and VM-2016 machine (made in US) capable to machine 1 part with 20 different tools. In addition, the section includes four CNC milling and engraving machines for precise machining of small parts and four universal milling machines, as well as a coordinate boring machine.


The grinding section is used for flat grinding of various parts, round external and round internal grinding of cylindrical and conical surfaces. At the thermal section, the parts are hardened and tempered in two furnaces capable of heating up to 1200 C. Besides, the produced items are controlled by hardness and coated with chemical oxidation and microarc oxidation at the thermal section. The locksmith section is equipped with three drilling machines for drilling and thread cutting, a manual bending machine for bending up to 3 mm sheets, a contact welding machine, and an ultrasonic bath for washing the parts. The products are painted by powder coating at the painting section.


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