What does "TIK" consist of? What underlies our company?
These are our values. These include the basic concepts that help improve the human-machine interaction.


We ensure reliable operation of the equipment. We prevent emergencies at industrial facilities. You can rely on us. We are a reliable and won't let you down. We are strong enough to admit our mistakes and eliminate not only their consequences, but the causes too.


We create high-precision devices that enable us to monitor the key parameters of the equipment condition. At the same time, we provide our customers with reliable and trustworthy information. We execute all our obligations accurately and observe the agreed deadlines.


Equipment operation should bring specific yields. We do our best to increase the efficiency and reduce the resource consumption. We know that the team's efficiency is much greater than the individual efforts; therefore, we pay special attention to building effective relationships.


We know that our industry constantly develops and abandons the outdated technologies, so we closely follow all changes and innovations. We aim to meet the modern demands. We understand that we need to continuously improve not only our products, but also the quality of our work and to master the new technologies.

Compliance of the values of each of us with the general guidelines allows our company to find demand in the market and be useful.

Our mission can be expressed as follows:

We produce and implement high-precision instrumentation for measuring the key parameters of industrial equipment condition.

We contribute to emergency-free and reliable operation of production facilities, as well as to the overall economic efficiency of the industrial enterprises.

We work to promote the technical progress.Print information

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