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TIK Modscan

TIK Modscan

Software TIK Modscan is designed to develop, configure, maintain, and operate the equipment supporting the Modbus protocol.

The functional purpose of the program is to provide the user with the ability to connect to the equipment and work with it using the data transfer protocol Modbus (physical layer - RS-485 and Ethernet) through a convenient and intuitive graphical interface.

Main advantages of the program:

  • Polling any number of devices and any number of cells, regardless of their order, format and type;

  • Export and import map registers, including device;

  • Logging, and logs viewing in tabular and graphical forms.

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TIK Modscan version comparison

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Additional features
Saving register cards - +
Save logs - +
Polling an unlimited number of registers, connections and devices - +
Ability to add labels on graphics - +
Write multiple registers - +
Total lack of advertising - +
DOWNLOAD Latest version BUY A KEY Unlimited / 1 PC

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