Certificate ISO 9001

Production and technical department (PTD)

The main activity of the department is a comprehensive implementation of vibration control systems for dynamic equipment, automation systems, and telemetry equipment. Within the scope of this field, the department carries out works on cabling, installation and adjustment of automatics, automation and telemetry systems, installation of electrical supply systems, and related works - building of cable bridges, installation of cable trays, welding works, concrete and dismantling works, installation of pipeline access manholes.

Техническое оснащение

RPE "TIK" has its own design, production, and installation base, warehouses. The company's production facilities occupy the area of 2400 square meters and are located in two buildings. Construction and installation department has all equipment required for construction works:

  • Trucks and motor cars owned by the company;

  • Workmen's shelters and household units;

  • Full provision of worker teams with task-related tools and equipment;

  • Contract with Perm ATE, more than 300 pieces of equipment.

Personnel potential

For performance of construction and installation works, RPE "TIK" has all necessary personnel and technical resources.


  • Production and technical department
  • Quality assurance service
  • Non-destructive testing laboratory
  • Project managers
  • Procurement service
  • Electric installation work specialists
  • Work personnel
  • Electric and gas welder certified under "NAKS" system

Work experience

Design, installation, commissioning, contract supervision of vibration control systems
PS "Parabel JSC" Transneft - Tsentralnaya Sibir" - introduction of extended vibration monitoring system with installation of a separate workstation, including adaptation of the standard design solution to changes in the 2015.

PS "Aleksandrovskaya" JSC "Transneft - Tsentralnaya Sibir" - introduction of extended vibration monitoring system with installation of a separate workstation, including adaptation of SDS to changes.

PS "Osa" JSC "Transneft-Prikamye" - replacement of automation system based on the vibration control system.

PS "Polaznaya" JSC "Transneft-Prikamye" - introduction of vibration control system based on Argus-M devices.

JSC "Sibur - Khimprom" - design, supply, and introduction of vibration monitoring system with an automated workplace.

JSC "Lukoil-Permnefteorgsintez" - installation of vibration diagnostic systems for pilot operation, installation of automated workplace.

JSC "Volgograd Refinery" - design, supply, and introduction of diagnostic and automatic protection systems.

JSC "Neftekamsk machine-building plant" - equipping the experimental stand with vibration control systems with display of information at operator's automated workplace.

JSC "Kuibyshev oil refinery" - design, supply, and introduction of vibration monitoring system, including design and laying of fiber optic cables.

Design, installation, commissioning, contract supervision of automated process control systems, including design, manufacture, and installation of instrumentation and automation cabinets, installation of instrumentation
LLC "Ural plant of deicing materials" - design, supply, and introduction of process control system for production of deicing mixtures.

LODS "Perm" JSC "Transneft-Prikamye" - installation of instrumentation, cabling, installation of panels, cabinets, and control panels, arrangement of grounding system, installation of automated workplaces, commissioning works.

JSC "Verkhnevolzhsk oil pipelines" - design of pressure control unit, design of telemetry system.

JSC "Tulanefteprodukt" - design of gas control system.

JSC "SUN InBev" - design, supply and implementation of pH control system; design, supply and introduction of a conveyor line security system.

Design and installation of power supply systems
LODS "Perm" JSC "Transneft-Prikamye" - cabling, installation of power supply boards, arrangement of grounding system, commissioning JSC "SZMN" - design of 10KV overhead power

Construction of outdoor lighting networks
Papanintseva Street, Perm, MPI "Permblagoustroistvo" - installation of foundations and supports for outdoor lighting, cabling, installation of lamps and control cabinets, commissioning works.

General construction works
LODS "Perm" JSC "Transneft-Prikamye" - construction of cable bridge, installation of trays (pipes), cabling (in trays, in ditches, in pipe, and in the open way), installation of instrumentation wells, welding works, installation of reinforced concrete cabinet base, installation of split systems, concrete works, dismantling works.

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