TIK-RVM extended monitoring system for GPU

TIK-RVM extended monitoring system for GPU

The system is designed for continuous monitoring of vibration parameters of GTU (gas turbine unit) and GPU compressor (gas pumping unit) in order to protect turbomachines from exposure to vibration limits, to assess the technical condition of the units and to predict the development of unacceptable defects.

The scope of control and diagnostics of GTU and GPU compressor.

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  • Supply voltage range, V
  • Interface
    2 channel 1000 Base-T
    digital RS-485
  • Protocol
    Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU, HTTP
  • Speed of the interface Ethernet
    up to 100 Мbit (Modbus TCP)
  • Speed of the interface RS-485
    up to 115.2 kbit (Modbus RTU)
  • Number of analog inputs 4-20 mA
    up to 28
  • Number of analog inputs =12V, ∼2V
    up to 28
  • Number of analog outputs 4-20 mA
  • Number of independent relays alarm systems and EP

Explosion protection

  • Kind
    safe electrical circuit
  • Marking
    vibration-sensors – 1ExibIICT6, amplifier – 1ExibIICT5
    eddy-current transducers - 0ExiaIICT6, amplifier – 0ExiaIICT5
    control equipment - [Exib]IIC (related electrical equipment)

Design parameters

  • Protection class
    vibration sensors – IP66, amplifier – IP66
    eddy-current transducers – IP67, amplifier – IP66
    control equipment – IP20 or IP54 (when installed in the cabinet)

Reliability parameters and manufacturer's guarantees

  • MTBF, hours, not less than
    12 000
  • Service life, years, not less than
Service center