Service center

Service Center

Service сenter of "TIK" company offers repair of instrumentation, warranty, and post-warranty service, as well as installation, adjustment and commissioning of automated control systems and devices.

Instrumentation repair can be carried out at the company's laboratory or at customer's site, by specialists of the service center. According to the regulations, repair is carried out within 30 days (the term can be reduced upon the agreement) without taking into account equipment delivery term. The repair is followed by state metrological verification of the equipment, with drawing up of reports and putting a note to the device's certificate (optional service - issuance of certificates).

Warranty service of devices and systems of own production is performed by agreement with the customer within the scope of the warranty obligations, except for detection of mechanical damage or modification of the design. Also, during the warranty service, unscheduled metrological verification is performed. The Service Center also renders post-warranty maintenance services, including annual state metrological verification, provided the corresponding contract has been concluded with the customer. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance can be carried out both at customer's site and in the company's own laboratory.

Along with repair and warranty service, the Service Center performs start-up and adjustment works on automated vibration control systems and devices with visit of the customer's facilities. Own production capacities and resources distributed simultaneously across several projects are used for automation systems installation and adjustment.

The service center has staff (10 teams), as well as all the necessary equipment for adjustment, repair and verification of the following equipment: instrumentation, calibrators, plug resistance, explosion-proof vibration stands.

Service center

Installation of automation, instrumentation, and control system includes:

  • installation of automation equipment and instrumentation at production facilities for oil and gas production, treatment, transportation, and processing;
  • installation of automated control and process control systems for industrial facilities, taking into account all interaction levels;
  • installation of automation equipment and instrumentation for steam, hot-water boilers and auxiliary equipment, industrial and utility boilers, compressor stations, boiler heating networks, deferrization stations, chlorination electric coagulators, black oil pumping and treatment facilities, as well as sewage stations and biological water treatment plants.

Automation, instrumentation, and process control system adjustment includes:

  • adjustment, set-up, and configuration of control systems and technical means of the leading manufacturers: "Emerson", "Siemens", "SchneiderElectric", "AllanBradley", and "R.Shtal", "Omron", "PhoenixContact" control systems, etc.;
  • adjustment, set-up, and commissioning of any automation and instrumentation means ("METRAN", "ALBATROS", "Teplopribor", "FisherRousemount", "Krohne", "JUMO", and many others);
  • verification and adjustment of protection automation equipment based on electrical-mechanical relays and state-of-the-art microprocessor complexes.
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Service center