Vibration stands

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TIK-VV explosion protection shaker TIK-VV explosion protection shaker

Designed for tuning, calibration and verification of vibration measuring equipment in laboratory and production conditions;


  • Wide frequency range;
  • Unified input;
  • Interface with USB;
  • Explosion-proof version;
  • Wide temperature range;
  • Automatic thermal compensation.
  • Device for checking eddy current sensors;
  • Strong metal case;
  • High mobility;
  • The presence of an organizer and bags;
  • Software "ARM of the TIK-VV shaker" (download individually);
  • It is a standard of second categories.
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TIK-UST device for checking and tuning eddy-current transducers TIK-UST device for checking and tuning eddy-current transducers

Designed to create a calibrated gap between the surface of the measuring disk of the device and the surface of the eddy-current transducer.

The main field of application is the adjustment and verification (calibration) of axial shift sensors and vibration displacement sensors. The device imitates the surface of the controlled part of the unit and the task of gaps in the measuring range of the sensors. The clearance is controlled by reading devices (indicators) included in the Federal Register.

TIK-UST can be used for DS-1, DS-2, DS-3; DS-1 and DS-2 (with mounting kits) eddy-current transducers, as well as eddy-current transducers from other manufacturers.


  • entered in the Register of measuring instruments (confirmed by certificate, inter-calibration interval 1 year);
  • wide range of calibrated clearance settings (up to 50 mm);
  • a large number of replaceable bushings;
  • light weight device;
  • short exposure time before starting work (2 hours);
  • robust construction.
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