Multifunctional sensors

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DVA484.XXX three-axis sensors with digital output DVA484.XXX three-axis sensors with digital output

Designed to measure vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, vibration displacement* in three coordinates, as well as angles of inclination and temperature;

*The vibration acceleration signal, passing through the mathematical processing block, is converted into vibration velocity and vibration displacement signals. For each of the parameters it is also possible to calculate the amplitude, mean square value and span.

In the sealed case there are integrated acceleration sensor and conversion board;

Sensor versions:

  • DVA484.104 - triangular case, all-in-one cable connection, 3-screw mount;
  • DVA484.164 - triangular case, TIK-KXX connector on cable, mount for 3 screws;
  • DVA484.214 - cylindrical small-sized housing, TIK-KXX connector on the body (analogue of MIL-C-5015), mounting on a stud;
  • DVA484.714 - rectangular case, TIK-KXX connector on the body (analogue of MIL-C-5015), 1 screw mount.


  • All calculations are performed in real time, with an update interval of 10ms registers;
  • Measurement error of vibration parameters is not more than 5% in the main frequency range;
  • Additional error of not more than 2.5%;
  • Built-in temperature sensor allows you to control the temperature with an accuracy of ±2 °C;
  • Determination of the angles of inclination of each axis with an accuracy of 1°.

Output signal type – RS-485 (Modbus RTU)

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