Metrological service

Metrological service of the enterprise has been organized by the order of the general director of LLC RPE "TIK" No.4 dated 02.02.1998.

In accordance with the order of Gosstandart of Russia No. 285 dated 04.08.2000, the metrological service of the enterprise has received the right to verify the instrumentation within the range established by its accreditation field.

The service is headed by – Andrey Nikolaevich Verkholantsev, director for metrology and testing.

Currently, the metrological service staff is formed by skilled certified experts specially trained for performance of metrological works on checking the electric quantity and vibration parameter instrumentation. All works are carried out within the shortest terms - as a rule, within one, rarely, two weeks.

Upon verification at output from the manufacture, a 72-hour production training of all delivered equipment is carried out, and, if necessary, the equipment is operated in extreme temperatures conditions by checking its performance in the climatic chamber with temperature from +120 C to -60 C.

In addition to verification of the equipment of own production in the measuring laboratory, the company's experts, from time to time and on a regular basis, go to other regions of Russia to perform repair, routines and verification works at customers' facilities.

The scope of metrological service accreditation includes the following instrumentation kinds:

  • Non-contact vibration measuring converters (proximity meters and vibration meters with proximity meters);
  • AC and DC output signal converters;
  • Vibration meters with piezoelectric and capacitive converters;
  • Piezoelectric and capacitive vibration converters;
  • Testing vibration units of 2 order.
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