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Rotary machine model Rotary machine model

Designed for training in vibration diagnostics and vibration adjustment (balancing and alignment) of rotary machines;

It is possible to carry out vibration diagnostics examination, simulation of various malfunctions of industrial rotor equipment or to use the model for testing and checking functionality of stationary systems, practicing the rules of automatic spectral vibration analysis of stationary systems, setup of vibration monitoring and vibration diagnostics system instrumentation;

Main simulated malfunctions:

  • defect - damage of fixture;
  • defect - loose fixture;
  • defect - impeller imbalance;
  • defect - couplings;
  • defect - misalignment of shafts;
  • defect - dynamic eccentricity;
  • defect - static eccentricity;
  • defect - inner ring;
  • defect - outer ring;
  • defect - rolling elements;
  • defect - belt transmission;
  • defect - electromagnetic.

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